Raute community to be deprived of agro-based projects

Dadeldhura, May 17

The Raute community residing at Aampani of Parashuram Municipality are most likely to be deprived of various income generating agriculture-based projects in Dadeldhura.

As the Raute community failed to post the necessary deposit amount for the project, they have missed all the projects. According to policy, the target group is required to deposit 35 per cent amount of the total budget.

Around 40 Raute households live in Aampani.

The project had contracted to manage irrigation, poly-house and distribution of seeds to run the programme. They were required to post approximately Rs 16.75 lakh balance for the project.

Due to failure to manage the budget has been stalled for 15 months. The deadline to post the deposit is mid-June, but the rautes are not sure how it will be managed.