Rayamajhi gave king a clean chit: NC-D veep

Kathmandu, June 4:

A former minister and vice-president of the Nepali Congress (Democratic) Gopal Man Shrestha today said there is no way to take action against king Gyanendra as the Rayamajhi commission report has given him a clean chit.

“Rayamajhi did nothing. He found a rat after digging a hill,” Shrestha added.

Shrestha, a member of the Oli committee formed by the seven-party alliance government, said they thoroughly read the Rayamajhi commission report, only to find it had not recommended action against the king.

“Rayamajhi did not recommend action against the king. I do not know why he has been making a hue and cry now,” Shrestha said at the Reporters’ Club Nepal today.

“Stating that the king ceded power, reinstated the House of Representatives and expressed sorrow over the death of people during the second Jana Andolan, the Rayamajhi report gave him a clean chit,” Shrestha added.

He also urged the eight-party-alliance government to make the Rayamajhi commission report public and give away copies of the report to libraries.

“People will know what action Rayamajhi recommended against the king once the report is made public,” he said. “The report did not recommend any action against the king.”

“We had recommended the government to take action against those who were involved in the suppression of people during the second Jana Andolan. The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has been recording their statements.”

A politburo member of the CPN-UML, Yuba Raj Gyawali, wondered, “Why is the government not making the Rayamajhi report public?”

“The constituent assembly will take action against the king even if the government does not. People will take action against the king if the government cannot.”

A central member of the Nepali Congress (NC), Arjun Narasingh KC, also urged the government to implement the Rayamajhi commission report and maintain rule of law in the country.

He also flayed the government for not taking action against those who have been violating law and have been creating anarchy. “You can put pressure on the government, but you cannot act as the government. Whatever the YCL is doing is wrong. It is upsetting the law and order situation in the country,” he said. “Ambassadors have demanded security. This should make the government get a feel of the situation.”