RCCC investigation of no use: CIAA

Kathmandu, February 16:

A commissioner of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) today said the CIAA would not recognise and use the investigation carried out by the Royal Commission for Corruption Control, that was disbanded by the Supreme Court on Monday, on corruption cases.

“Since the apex court has scrapped the RCCC and declared all its actions null and void, we

do not want to recognise the investigation on corruption cases carried out by the RCCC,” the commissioner told this daily requesting anonymity. He also added that the CIAA does not want to use the RCCC’s investigation even if the government forwarded the cases handled by the RCCC.

According to him, the government has not yet consulted the CIAA on cases handled and

investigated by the RCCC. “We are the strongest constitutional body and we will decide what should be done on the RCCC’s cases if the government forwarded them to us,” he added.

“The government should decide using its wisdom whether or not to forward investigations carried by the RCCC to CIAA,” he said adding “It would be better if they be dumped in a dustbin.”

“Even if the government forwarded the cases to ue, we will decide as per the law,” he added.