Reconstruction in Dolakha sluggish: DTCO

CHARIKOT: Only 3566 earthquake victims have withdrawn the full-grant-amount of Rs 300,00 provided by the government to construct permanent residence, District Treasury Controller Office informed.

Chief of District Treasury Controller Office at Dolakha, Ramesh Siwakoti said that 55081 denizens have drawn out the first installment of the aid while 14807 have taken the second installment.

However, refuting the statistics, Sagar Acharya, Chief of National Reconstruction Authority’s  Secretariat District Coordination Committee said that around 17000 denizens of Dolakha have already rebuilt their houses.

“The statistics provided by controller Office undermines the number as residents who have already built houses are only initiating the process to obtain second and third installment of the grant and many who have already built their houses have not taken the grant,” Acharya said.

However, after reports of sluggish reconstruction in Dolakha surfaced, the NEA has stepped up the works.

“The tasks performed by Non-governmental Organizations are erratic, they don’t listen to government authorities,” Acharya said, “NGOs also have reconstructed few houses but District Treasury Controller Office does not hold those records.”

Likewise, the Controller Office informed that only 8 per cent of the allocated budget has been spent in the District during fiscal year 74/75. According to the Office, the expenditure of 31 government offices in Dolakha is null.