Reconstruction of private houses successful: Experts


The second day of the four-day-long national symposium on post-earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation held today continued to dwell on various aspects of reconstruction works.

The National Reconstruction Authority organised the virtual symposium to share its experiences, good practices and lessons learnt in the past five years of post-earthquake reconstruction.

Today, four technical sessions were held and working papers were presented on various aspects of reconstruction like private house reconstruction, construction of public infrastructures like building for government, health and education facilities and reconstruction of cultural heritage sites.

Paper presenters said the NRA’s policy on deadline to receive the government grant, owner-driven construction model, household survey and resurvey and processes to ensure that no one is left behind were some of the major factors that made reconstruction of private houses effective.

Various stakeholders, including development partners, I/NGOs, experts and individuals involved in reconstruction works have been participating in the symposium to develop a common view on the success, achievement and the lesson learnt during the five years of reconstruction. They claimed that NRA’s policies were effective in materialising private housing reconstruction.

The national symposium was organised as part of the preparation to hold an international conference on reconstruction and rehabilitation, which is scheduled to be held later this year.

The symposium has been holding deliberations on six thematic areas – private housing reconstruction; public and social infrastructure reconstruction; cultural heritage reconstruction; livelihood; rescue and relief; and good governance.

Sixty research papers will be presented during the symposium, which will continue till tomorrow, according to a press release issued by NRA.