Regional administration office without chief

Dipayal, January 23

Regional Administration Office in Dipayal has been without regional administrator, joint administrator, deputy administrator, and section officers for a long time.

After administrator and deputy administrators were transferred to other places, first class non-gazetted officer and second class non-gazetted officers have been running the regional administration office. The posts of one special class officer, one joint secretary and two deputy secretaries at the regional office have been lying vacant. There are eight quotas for section officers. Unfortunately, not a single officer is stationed at the office.

The cabinet meeting held a month ago had transferred regional administrator Sharadraj Bista to Information Commission as secretary. Since his departure, the regional office is without chief.

Joint administrator Narayan Prasad Bhatta was transferred from the regional office a year ago. The government has yet to send administrator and joint administrator to the regional office. Two posts of

deputy administrators have been lying vacant after Ram Bahadur Ghimire was transferred six months ago while the other posts have yet to be filled.

In the administration section, there are five quotas for section officers. Two vacancies have been filled, but they too have gone to other places on deputation.

Lack of administrator and other staff has affected regular work at the office. “We have not been able to take important decisions as the office is without its chief,” said first class non-gazetted officer Bhakta Bahadur Pun.