Regular flights at Khanidanda airport halted

Khotang, January 24

It has been eight months since regular flights to and from Khanidanda airport in Khotang had been halted after a portion of the runway caved in, but disruption of flight is yet to end.

According to Diktel-Rupakot-Majhuwagadi Municipality Mayor Dip Narayan Rijal, the disruption of regular flights at the airport has to do with delay on the part of the contractor concerned in completing the repair work.

“As the contractor company Kanchharam Construction has taken so much time to complete the work, the airport is yet to resume flights,” said Rijal, adding the contractor has also been found to have done sub-standard work.

Estimated to cost near 70 million rupees, the repair work comprises construction of walls, water channels and concrete foundation, and blacktopping.

In question to the delay in the repair work, the company, however, has claimed that it will indeed complete all its work by the stipulated deadline.