Relief for Dang conflict victims

TULSIPUR: The government has initiated the distribution of relief among the conflict victims in Dang district, boosting their hope that the fund, though meagre, would come handy in meeting their domestic expenses.

Sunita Chaudhary of Beluwa in Laxmipur VDC, whose husband was killed seven years ago, said she was happy to get relief and would spend it on her children’s education. Radha Sharma of Narayanpur VDC, however, expressed her dissatisfaction, saying the relief was too paltry to meet her domestic needs. She said the government and the Maoists had promised Rs 1,000,000 as compensation.

The district administration office said each household that had lost a family member to the conflict would get Rs 100,000 as relief. The office had forwarded 304 applications to the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction and the latter, however, only approved 295 of them , said Rishi Ram Dhakal, the chief district officer. In addition to those 304 applications from families of people killed in the conflict, the DAO had also received 500 applications from those whose properties had been seized, 374 from those whose family members disappeared, 841 from those displaced, 621 from those injured and disabled and 82 from those whose properties had been damaged.