Republic anathema to NC: KB Gurung

Pokhara, September 6 :

Terming the concept of the formation of a republic anathema to the party, Nepali Congress general secretary KB Gurung said at a press meet today that the NC would remain in favour of a ceremonial monarchy until the nation took a quantum political leap.

The press meet was organised by the Nepal Press Union, Kaski.

The NC had not said anything about doing away with monarchy in the 12-point accord with the Maoists, Gurung said, adding: “The 11th general convention of the party had also decided to protest only against an autocratic monarchy, not a ceremonial one”.

The reinstated Parliament, too, was in favour of ceremonial monarchy, Gurung said, adding: “The proposal given by our party to the interim statute drafting committee is our official view.”

Stating that homework for the unification of the NC and the NC-D was underway, Gurung said the unification of the two parties was a must for strengthening democracy in the nation.

A central member of the NC, Sunil Kumar Bhandari, said the NC agenda for a constituent assembly had not been decided yet.

“We will go for an election to the constituent assembly with agenda prepared by a legitimate body of the NC. Right now, we cannot say what stand the party will take on monarchy,” he said.

Another central member of the NC, Sujata Koirala, said the Maoists cannot be included in the Parliament and in the interim government unless they lay down their arms.

She added that the interim constitution would not be implemented unless the management of the Maoists’ arms.

Nepalis are still living in fear because of the Maoists’ arms and the CA election is being delayed because of the Maoists’ activities, she said.