All three climbers in sound health except minor issues


The three climbers who had lost contact with the base camp since Sunday have been spotted by the rescuers.

Sergey Kondrashkin, Alexander Luthokin and Dmitry Sinev had been out of contact since Sunday as they were retiring from Camp IV of Mt Annapurna.

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Sherpa, who went for their search spotted them above camp III - between Camp III and IV.

Two of them had successfully made the ascent while one, Alexander Luthokin, had given up his attempt from above 7,000m.

According to a recent update provided by Chhang Dawa Sherpa, one of the three, Alexander has been brought to base camp while the other two are being brought down to base camp with the help of long-line helicopter shuttle.

Their health conditions are normal except for minor altitude sickness and frostbite.

Chhang Dawa Sherpa had shared "three of them were out of contact, since the summit days (2 made successful ascent), however they were in good shape when Sherpa saw them last on 16th evening."