Resort with tree houses attracts tourists in Dharan

Itahari, February 8

Subha Gantabya Resort with tree houses at Shibhadhara of Dharan Sub-metropolis-13, has been drawing around 1,000 curious visitors on a daily basis.

“People are thronging our resort because of the tree houses that we built for the first time not only in our city,’’ said Gyandip Limbu, owner of the resort. According to Limbu, besides Dharan, people from Itahari, Biratnagar and surrounding cities have been frequenting these innovative dining spaces. “Even people from bordering areas of Bihar in India come here on a daily basis,’’ said Limbu.

Constructed at Rs five million, Dharan’s pioneering tree houses have been major tourist attraction in the city.

Commercially successful tree house resort at the upper edge of Dharan sub-metropolis prompted a community forest at the lower edge the city to run a similar project.

Yalambar Community Forest of Dharan-8, has also built a tree house.

According to the Community Forest management, the tree house can accommodate 20 persons at one go. Already a famous venue for fishing and picnic for city dwellers of Dharan, Yalambar Community Forest has been welcoming more visitors after the construction of a tree house. The community forest is mulling over to construct a few more tree houses in the days ahead.

With the success of two tree house projects in Dharan, the trend is now being replicated in other parts of eastern Nepal.

Tree houses have been built in Ilam and Dhankuta districts as well. In Ilam, a local community forest users’ group has constructed two tree houses. With support from locals, the forest users’ group has constructed a beautiful tree houses in Bhaludhunga of Ilam Municipality-4.

Hari Gurung, a campaigner of tree house at Bhaludhunga said, “Tree house is bringing at least 250 visitors a day.’’ Gurung said Rs. 1.2 million invested on the tree house had been recovered from the visitors.

Bhaldhungha was previously an unknown place.

Similar is the story of Dhankuta district. Local youths, Prem Limbu and Hemkumar Limbu have started constructing tree houses. They inaugurated the first tree house in the district on October 2019.

Located at Chumlung of Chhathar Horpati Rural Municipality-5, the tree house has been a magnet for visitors. “We serve cuisines as a normal restaurant does,’’ said Prem Limbu, adding, “Visitors prefer our venue for this new tree house concept.’’