Revolt if CA polls delayed: Kirat

Kathmandu, July 2 :

President of Kirat National Liberation Front and Maoist’s central member, Gopal Kirat, warned today that they would be forced to revolt again by pulling out of the peace talks if an election to a constituent assembly was delayed.

“Some reactionary elements are hatching conspiracy to delay the election to a constituent assembly. If it is delayed, the people will revolt again,” Kirat, who is also the chief of Kirat Jana Sarkar, said while addressing an interaction held by the Valley Special Committee of Kirat National Front on Republic of Nepal and Peace Proposal.

Accusing the US Ambassador to Nepal, James F Moriarty, of trying to derail the ongoing peace process, Kirat said Nepali people would decide by themselves about the political system they want to establish in the country.

He also warned of another “formation” within the Nepal Army if the people were denied the rights to peaceful political decisions which could be exercised through the election to the CA.

Saying that there was no minimum level of discipline within the constituents of the seven-party alliance, Kirat said the alliance had no experience and vision how to command a regular armed force. He claimed that high-ranking officials within the Nepal Army were not loyal to the nation and people. Kirat, who appeared in public for the first time after the ceasefire, demanded an immediate dissolution of the House of Representatives, as it was revived by the King and not by the people from the streets. He said his party would have supported the HoR had it been revived from the street.

Kirat also said that Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula agreed to arrest some of the ministers in the erstwhile government after Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai demanded their immediate arrests.