Rhinos to be shifted to safer place at CNP

Chitwan, August 6

Chitwan National Park is preparing to move the rare one-horned rhinos from areas which are considered dangerous to a safer place.

The CNP is thinking of shifting the rhinos that are living in small areas of the river, chure hill and human settlements in the eastern sector of the CNP.

Assistant protection officer and information officer at the Chitwan National Park Nurendra Aryal said the flood last year had swept away rhinos to more unsafe areas.

Rhinos are now in the area located between Narayani River, chure hill and the Indian human settlement.

As the rhinos are not able to come out of this place on their own, the CNP is preparing to rescue and shift them to a safer place in the eastern sector.

Around ten rhinos are at Bhelauji forest area near Triveni of Kanaman and Nawalpur areas in the western area at the CNP.

According to chief protection officer Bed Kumar Dhakal, technical teams from CNP and National Nature Conservation Fund had been deployed to count the actual number of rhinos and assess their condition.

Nepali Army personnel have been patrolling the area as there is no security check post. And, also preparation is on to keep a temporary post in the area.