Rid NC constitution of monarchy, say leaders

Kathmandu, August 27:

Over 30 Nepali Congress (NC) general convention representatives today urged the party leadership to remove all provisions related to monarchy and its institution from the NC’s statute and pass a resolution to lead the democratic movement without any compromise during the party’s 11th general convention beginning August 30. In a press conference organised by the youth representatives at the Balmiki Campus on the eve of the party’s crucial central working committee meet, they said the party should remove all provisions associated with monarchy from the party statute and let the Nepali people decide on the matter. “The party should mention, in its policy and programme, that the Nepali people’s verdict on the monarchy shall be acceptable to the NC,” said a press statement issued today.

The youth representatives have cautioned the party leadership not to even mention what is being talked recently about a provision of “ceremonial monarchy” in the party’s official


“If they agree over ceremonial monarchy in the party statute, the party should give an ultimatum to the King to be prepared to accept a Scandinavian model of monarchy,” the statement said. “It should also be mentioned in the statute that the party shall go for a democratic republic once the ultimatum expires,” it added The youth leaders have also cautioned the party leadership against being influenced by the cards of “positive indications” shown from the palace in the name of reviewing a case of the dissolution of parliament in the Supreme Court. “What we understand is that all these activism are parts of conspiracy designed to influence the NC convention,” the statement said. About the possible alliance with the Maoists, the convention representatives said the party could think over an alliance with the Maoists only after the latter officially expressed their commitment to multiparty democracy, supremacy of parliament, human rights and press freedom. The youth representatives have also asked the party to come up with a concrete concept on the seven-party alliance’s political roadmap that aims to go for an election to a constituent assembly to find lasting peace and restructure the state mechanism.