RTI needed for federalism to succeed

Dhankuta, June 20

Chief Commissioner of Information Commission Krishnahari Banskota said that the right to information was a major precondition for the success of federalism.

Speaking at an awareness programme related to the right to information here today, the Chief Information Commissioner appreciated the inclusion of the provision of right to information in the constitution as a fundamental right and said,

“Though the right to information is enshrined in the statute, unless such a right is fully implemented by service providers, federalism cannot thrive.”

“Democracy and federalism depend heavily on how state agencies ensure free and easy access to information related to public interest,” he said.

Further, Banskota cited the provision in the local self-governance act and called upon the local bodies to make public the information of public concern every three months.

“The local bodies are required to be willing to provide information to the public without any hesitation,” he said. Further, he was urging the public to file complaints with the commission if government bodies or agencies refused to provide such information.