Rivals clash in Red citadel

ROLPA: Cadres of Nepali Congress (NC) and UCPN-Maoists clashed here on Monday, following the President's intervention in the cabinet decision.

Both parties organised programmes to respond to the situation, each group hurling stones at the other. A child was injured in the clash, which ensued when UCPN-M cadres kept the NC-affiliated Tarun Dal from organising a programme after the latter's rally. The area remained tense after the incident.

The presence of the security personnel could not prevent the Maoist cadres from pouncing on the Tarun Dal. This left the Dal's programme inconclusive.

The Maoists had tried to rob the NC youths of flags and mike. Maoist-affiliated Magarat Rajya Samiti member Surendra Gharti Magar Thapa blamed the NC cadres for the clash. The Maoists rallied, in Liwang, protesting President Yadav's decision to reinstate the CoAS.