Road safety drive in Kavre

Kavre, January 11

District Traffic Police Office, Kavre, has launched ‘One minute with driver and two minutes with passengers’ campaign aiming to curb road accidents in the district. The campaign has been running every Monday since mid-December last year in Kavre.

DTPO Kavre Chief Inspector Shekhar Jung Malla said they devised the campaign to minimise road accidents while road accidents were high and on the rise in the district. “Under the campaign, we urge passengers not to provoke long-route vehicle drivers to speed up in order to reach destinations as quick as possible. The move has been very effective in bringing down road accidents,” said Inspector Malla.

The traffic police office said that a total of 28 road accidents had taken place in the first six months of this fiscal in the district. As many as 12 male, six female, two minors (one boy, one girl) died in accidentswhile 15 male, three female and a minor sustained critical injuries. A total of 13,550 vehicles were fined for breaching traffic rules that contributed Rs 6,793,500 in revenue during the term.