Rope fixing Chinese team plans to scale Mt Everest on May 12

KATHMANDU:  A team of rope fixing Chinese climbers today reached Camp III to prepare a route to the top of Mt Everest from the northern side.

The team has a plan to reach the top of the world by fixing ropes above 8,300 m on Tuesday, according to a source at the base camp.

If weather allows, a group of seven trained mountain guides will attempt to reach the summit point by fixing ropes along the northern route tomorrow morning,” a senior member of the expedition said.

According to him, at least 31 climbers comprising general members and surveyors will attempt to scale the mountain once the team fixes ropes to the summit point.

“All members of the survey team have returned to the base camp after acclimatisation rotation while commercial expedition members from Yarla Shampo today left for Lhakpa Ri to attempt to climb the 7,045-metre peak for acclimatisation,” he said, adding that the expedition and survey team members along with the support staff would use next window of good weather to reach the summit point.

According to a source, at least six members of the survey team returned from Camp I transporting the surveying and mapping devices and equipment above 7,028 m.

Following the COVID-19 crisis across the globe, China has, however, allowed its nationals to attempt to climb the world’s highest peak from Tibet side in the spring season. China’s Ministry of National Resources has also sent a team of 53 surveyors to measure the height of the world’s highest peak.

Nepal has suspended all permits for mountaineering expeditions that have already been issued and has put a restriction on new permits for the spring climbing season because of the coronavirus pandemic.