Royalist Thapa sees foreign hand at work

Kanchanpur, December 8:

President of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Kamal Thapa said the nation was heading towards disintegration.

Thapa, who came to Mahendranagar to address the far-western regional activists’ meeting, told mediapersons that the situation had been caused as the major political parties were being backed by foreign forces.

He claimed that major political parties were falling victim to a ‘grand design’ of foreign powers. Stating that the country’s future had been at stake due to the foreign forces, he blamed major parties of lacking far-sightedness. Thapa added that a lack of consensus among major political forces had pushed the nation to the brink of a conflict. He also said that the citizenship act was against the welfare of the nation.

Thapa has been rooting for reinstatement of monarchy.