Rs 20 million pledged for Biratnagar landfill site

Biratnagar, July 19:

The government has allocated Rs 20 million to Biratnagar Sub-Metropolis (BSM) to purchase land and develop it as a landfill site. The site will be used to dispose of garbage produced in the BSM.

Earlier, the BSM purchased 15 bighas of land at Wards No 3 and 4 in Tankisinwari at the cost of Rs 8.7 million. But the site could not be used for disposing of garbage as the Kanakalini Battalion of the Armed Police Force was located there.

“We need new site for the disposal of garbage because locals are protesting our plans of developing landfill site in our proposed site and also the battalion is reluctant to leave,” Yagya Prasad Bhattarai, executive director of BSM, said. He added talks held with locals to get the land hadn’t materialised and that APF was staying in the proposed site permanently.

“The BSM will purchase land for developing it as a landfill site as per suggestion of the stakeholders of Sunsari-Morang corridor and adjoining areas,” Bhattarai said, adding that the land where the battalion is currently staying can be used for other purposes later. “But if locals agree to develop a landfill site in the proposed site, the BSM is ready,” he added.