Rukum schools demean edu philosophy

RUKUM: The numbers of secondary and higher secondary schools in Rukum has been increasing for the last few years for a reason other than the education uplift. The schools are run as the owners are guided with a motive that if they run secondary and higher secondary classes they can operate SLC exam centre and pass several students while making money for the same.

Over two dozens of higher secondary schools are being run in Taksera, Pipal, Kankri, Pokhara, Pwang, Mahat and Rungha areas of Rukum for the past two years. Didstrict Education Office record shows that a total of 16 higher secondary schools and 49 lower secondary schools are operating in the district.

Nevertheless,rural students are happy at getting higher secondary education at their doorstep, however, they are unaware that the teachers do not maintain the quality. Most of the teachers at those schools are teaching are unqualified and untrained while they lack the required educational qualification, some with fake teaching license, stated a survey. The dilapidated physical infrastructures, while, at the same time is ridiculing the Higher Secondary Education Board for the incompetence on its part too.

"I doubt in the quality of education as unqualified teachers are teaching us and our future seems doomed for the world is so competitive," Ram Bahadur Khadka, a student from Mahat Secondary School said. Likewise, most of the students in rural areas shared almost the same lines.

Many question lay afield: The DEO has all the information of the malpractice but still why is it not acting? How about the guardians? The management was handed to the community and that led to hiring of unqualified teachers, the locals said.

However, the DEO is simply turning a blind eye to the problem. Guardians said that they could not hire qualified teachers due to lack of fund. The students were reluctant to raise their voice for they feared that the school would close and they would have to walk miles for the same.