Runaway Ilam students found after 17days

PHIDIM: Two students who had disappeared suddenly from the hostel of Phidim-based Mechi Boarding School since September 10, were found on Tuesday.

Prangbung Police Post found the runaway students at Sandakpur Bazar in Ilam, near the Indian border.

Jagadish Rai’s 15-year-old son Prithvi Rai is a ninth grader and Deuman Rai’s 14-year-old son Basanta Rai is a sixth grader in the boarding school.

A police office in Panchthar had detained the duo on the charge of mobile theft on September 9. They were released on the condition that they would have to report to the police office the next morning with the mobile sets they had stolen.

During the investigation, the runaway pupils told police that after their release, they were harshly punished by the Principal Sita Seling and other teachers. The duo said they had run away to evade further harsh punishment while the principal argued that besides counselling, she had just caned them thrice for stealing the mobile set.