Sagarmatha Zonal hospital in sorry state

Rajbiraj, May 18

The condition of Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital in Rajbiraj, Saptari, is deteriorating by the day with the concerned authorities turning a blind eye to the need to maintain, and upgrade the facilities here.

While the daily clean-up of the hospital hardly takes place these days, basic facilities such as drinking water, electricity and cooling too have gone awry, leaving the patients at the receiving end.

“It’s so hot here that I feel my condition will get worse if I have to stay here for some more days,” lamented Laxman Yadav, 65, a patient from Diman.

He added, “There are fans but not a single one is in working condition; we did tell the hospital administration about this, but to no avail.”

“There are more than 30 persons, including patients and their kin in a single ward at night. Can anyone tell how we are staying in such a large number in a single ward without fans and other cooling facilities?” asked Yadav.

According to him, patients are faring very badly due to lack of proper management of water and electricity.

“There is no water and no light in toilets, which has made it very difficult for patients as well as attendants, especially during the night,” he said, while Kamalesh Yadav, kin of another patient at the hospital, dwellt on the poor sanitation at the hospital.

“The bed sheets are dirty, the floor has not been swept for days and on top of that the surroundings give out foul smell, which is enough to make any healthy person sick,” he said.

On his part, Acting Medical Superintendent Dr Dilip Sah conceded the problems, but claimed that the condition had become much better after he took over.