Mishra seeks probe into property of leaders, high-level officials

Pokhara, September 15

Sajha Party Coordinator Rabindra Mishra today stressed the need to investigate the property of high-level government officials and the political leadership post-1990s.

Speaking at a press meet organised by his party in Pokhara, Mishra said it was indispensable to probe the political leaders and high-level government officials living luxurious life in Kathmandu.

“People have to raise their voices, seeking a probe into leaders’ property across the country,” he said. He argued that people’s living standard had not changed even though 30 years had passed since the establishment of democracy in the country.

Mishra said his party would take the issue of political corruption to the public. “The governments formed by Nepali Congress and Nepal Communist Party ruled the country for 30 years, but they could not bring about any change in people’s living standards,” Mishra charged.

He argued that the incumbent government with its two-thirds majority had failed to work for prosperity and development of the country.