Bajhang minor rape and murder case update: CIB to probe the case, family yet to receive the body

BAJURA: Family members of the 12-year-old girl who was raped and killed in Bajhang district, have refused to receive her body demanding fair investigation.

A police team under the command of DSP Pancha Kumar Bakhu from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrived in the district to carry out further investigation into the case.

A polygraph expert team along with polygraph machine from provincial police office has also arrived in the district. The main suspect Rajendra Bohara will likely undergo polygraph test on Tuesday, informed DSP Khadka.

Meanwhile, the relatives have accused the police administration of failing to arrest the culprit/s even after seven days of the incident.

"Even though police arrested Rajendra Bohara in connection to the case, their press statement does not indicate that Bohara was the main suspect, so we have refused to receive the body," said the victim's family members.

According to the victim's uncle, police have handed them a chit stating Rajendra Bohara has been arrested for further investigation. He accused the police of having double standards and further shared that the police said that the case could go at any direction.

"We are more suspicious now as to if there's something going on to save the culprit. We won't receive the body until police assures us about the main suspect."

The autopsy was carried out on the second day of the incident at the Bajhang District Hospital. However due to lack of cold storage to preserve the body, it had started to decompose, informed Dr Milan Khadka.

DPO Chief Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rupak Khadka said,  "The suspect is yet to confess his involvement in the crime. However, we have adequate evidences against Rajendra Bohara's involvement in the incident."

"We urge the public not to have any suspicions as Bohara won't get away from this crime," the DSP assured.

Police have extended his judicial remand and are investigating the case from every possible angle, according to Khadka.

The victim's father who has been living in Banglore, India for employment, has tested positive for COVID-19 upon arriving in the village after receiving the tragic news about his daughter.

He is in self-isolation in Chainpur, the district headquarters, since testing positive for the disease.