The Sanfe-Martadi road section in Bajura district that has been obstructed for the last two weeks, is yet to be cleared.

The road section that connects Martadi, the district headquarters, to northern parts of Bajura, Humla and Mugu district, had been disrupted following collection of debris of multiple landslides triggered by heavy rainfall that occurred in various parts of Budhiganga and Badimalika municipalities, on June 11.

With the obstruction lasting for over two weeks, prices of daily necessity items have hit the sky in many areas, here.

The situation has further caused difficulties in ferrying patients that have been referred from District Hospital to other health facilities outside of the district.

The road section has yet to be cleared despite decreased intensity of rainfall, stated the locals.

The roads have been cleared in other sections except in the Amkot where dozers are being continuously used to clear the road and will be fully cleared within two days, claimed Gopal Prasad Adhikari, Chief District Officer at Bajura.

The locals have said that the roads have been disrupted during monsoon continuously for the past three years. However, despite having knowledge of the situation, authorities have stayed mum on the issue for long, accused local Sher Bahadur Shahi.

Last year, the road was blocked for five months, Shahi claimed.

The roadblock in the road section has caused the prices of the daily used commodities to skyrocket exponentially along with leading to a shortage of medicines in the affected areas.