Sanjay Sah's wife rejects Sadbhawana Party membership

JANAKPURDHAM: Rangila Sah, the wife of suspended lawmaker and Sadbhawana Party leader Sanjay Sah, rejected the party's offer for central membership.

Rangila was appointed a National Working Committee member of the Rajendra Mahato-led party on Thursday

The suspended lawmaker, who is facing murder charges, is now in judicial custody in Kathmandu.

He is accused of masterminding the fatal 2012 Janakpur bomb explosion and the 2010 murder of local media entrepreneur Arun Singhaniya.

Issuing a press statement from Janakpur on Sunday, Rangila accused Mahato of being "conspiring" and "mean" and announced that she was not a member of the party led by him.

She even claimed that Mahato was hatching a conspiracy against Sanjay Sah by trapping him in legal tangles.

"It is not the Sadbhawana Party," she said, "It is a private company."

While reshuffling the National Working Committee on Thursday, Sanjay Sah was relieved from the position of Senior Vice-Chairmanship.

Sadbhawana Party's Central General Secretary Manish Kumar Suman had claimed that he was relieved from the party post as he himself told the party that he was not able to attend the party meeting due to legal issues and he wanted to be relieved from the party’s responsibilities.