Sarat Singh Bhandari accuses UML of having double standard

RAJBIRAJ: Rastriya Madhesh Samajwadi Party's Chairman  Sarat Singh Bhandari accused the CPN-UML of double standard and held it responsible for the political impasse.

If the UML wants the elections to take place, he said, then it should agree that there is no alternative to making an amendment to the constitution.

UML's protest against the [purported] constitution amendment and its stance for holding the elections reflect the party's double standard, Bhandari said, speaking to media in Rajbiraj on Tuesday.

Bhandari claimed that 70 per cent lawmakers are for addressing the Madhesi demands through constitution amendment.

The former Nepali Congress leader, who defected to form his own party, stated that holding elections in Province No. 2 later than May 14, as suggested by leaders of big parties, will increase the threat of disintegration.

He said the agitating Madhesi parties will take part in the local level elections if they are assured of resolving the boundary issues before the provincial and federal elections.