Save language: Poudel

Hetauda, May 16

Province 3 Chief Minister Dormani Poudel today stressed the need to preserve the diversity of language as we are a multi-lingual country.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Language Commission and Province 3 Ministry of Social Development in Hetauda, Poudel urged the commission to decide only after comprehensive discussion and analysis of languages. He stated that the province government would implement decisions made by the language commission. Stating that priority was accorded to language in constitution, Poudel stressed the need to undertake detailed deliberation over languages.

Noting that many languages spoken in Nepal had disappeared, Poudel asked the commission to search for extinct languages and protect them. “It is not feasible to use all the mother tongues in education and for official purposes, but they should be protected,” he added.

At the programme, Language Commission Chair Labdev Awasthi said his commission had been working for the development and protection of languages.

Province 3 Minister for Social Development Yubaraj Dulal expressed sorrow over the loss of mother tongues.