School buildings at high risk of landslides in Ramechhap

Ramechhap, August 26

Buildings of Kaileshwor Secondary School in Gokulganga Rural Municipality, Ramechhap, are at high risk of landslide.

“Due to increasing incidents of landslides in the area near the school, the safety of students at the school is at stake. Landslide might sweep away the four-room school building at any time,” said Maya Devi Sunuwar, accountant of the school.

She added that the other building of the school was also at risk of landslides. “Land near the toilet of the school has already been swept away. This has unleashed terror among students and teachers.”

There are a total of 256 students at the school at present. “We have informed the local representatives about the safety issues of students. However, we haven’t received any reply from them. The area has been affected by frequent landslides, which has compelled us to live in fear,” added Sunuwar.

Pharpu Secondary School of the district is also at a high risk of landslides. The infrastructure of the school was built this year. “We have informed the concerned authority about the risk posed by landslides,” said head teacher Raj Kumar Khadka.