School buildings in dilapidated state

Rajbiraj, November 6

The ramshackled academic buildings of Kesho Anirudrawati Secondary School, one of the oldest schools in Rajbiraj, has been constantly terrorising students, teachers and staff.

The state of school buildings puts at risk the lives of 837 students, 25 teachers and three staffers of the school.

Despite apprehensions, the school management is compelled to conduct classes and operate from the dilapidated structures. Teachers and students fear an untoward incident as the buildings could collapse any time.

Repairs of the buildings have not been carried out for want of budget.

Head teacher Fuleswor Kumar Mandal said lack of cooperation from the authorities concerned in repairs has led to the current situation. He said his frequent efforts and pleas to carry out repair work fell on deaf ears of the authorities.

The school was established over 37 bigaha land donated by social worker Rudra Narayan Singh 65 years ago.

School Management Committee Chairman Dhirendra Prasad Barma said, “I requested many people and agencies to help out with repairs, but in vain.”

Former school management committee chair Mahamaya Prasad Singh said apathy on the part of the government with regard to repairing the school buildings had saddened him. He demanded prompt action from the government to carry out repair work.