Kathmandu, August 25:

Tourism experts today stressed the role of the journalists and the media in promoting the country’s tourism. Efforts must be taken to enhance the country’s image in the international market, they said. “We should counter Nepal’s negative image in the world with positive promotion. For this, journalists’ help is required in this age of media,” said Tourism Secretary Sushil Jung Rana. He was speaking at the inaugural session of the ‘Skill development workshop on tourism journalism’ organised by the Journalists in Nepalese Tourism and Nepal Tourism Board.

Likewise, Shanker Koirala, joint-secretary at the Tourism Ministry said journalists have an important role in promoting various destinations. “Journalists can even give suggestions to government authorities in chalking out policies,” he said. Consolidated efforts must be taken to enhance the country’s image since its’ negative perception outside Nepal is a major problem, said Tek Bahadur Dangi, chief executive officer at the NTB.