Scrub typhus detected in 82 patients

Chitwan, August 23

A total of 82 persons were found infected with scrub typhus in the past month in Chitwan.

Pest Controller Ram KC at District Public Health Office, Chitwan, said the disease was detected in 82 patients while examining the blood of 431 patients visiting various health facilities of the district. The number of patients infected with the disease was 410 while examining the blood of 2,237 patients in the fiscal 2017-18.

A person is infected with scrub typhus from the bite of a mite found in the ear of a mouse. High fever, rashes all over the body, sweat, headache, respiratory problems, among others, are said to be the main symptoms of the disease.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that dengue was detected in five patients during blood test of 346 patients in the past month in the district. Of them, three were from Chitwan, while two others were from other districts.

Last fiscal, dengue was detected in 59 patients while examining blood of 1,483 patients. Of the 59 patients, 33 were Chitwan dwellers.

Dengue is spread from the bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquito infected with dengue virus.

District Public Health Office Chitwan Chief Bijaya Kumar Jha said that an extreme headache, eye pain, back bone pain, muscle pain and joints pain, rashes in the body and nausea, among other problems, are said to be the symptoms of the disease.