SC’s ruling not applicable for Province 1: CM Sherdhan Rai

Dhankuta, October 19

Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai said the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke the salaries granted to local representatives didn’t apply to the province.

“As we have formulated our provincial laws by duly studying the constitution and proposed ‘facilities’ rather than ‘salaries’ for our local representatives, the Supreme Court’s order to revoke salary provision for local representatives doesn’t apply in our case,” said the CM, inaugurating an interaction pon the formation of provincial laws and their implementation in Dhankuta today.

The CM observed that a few provisions in the Public Procurement Act have impeded development activities rather than facilitated them. “There has been difficulty in formulating provincial laws due to lack of legal experts and also due to lack of laws even at the federal level in some cases,” he said, adding that so far the province has been able to formulate 43 laws.

The chief minister clarified that the province had formulated all of its laws by following the spirit of the constitution and so they weren’t at odds with the constitution.

“Our laws don’t contradict the constitution, as we had given utmost care while formulating them. There are no ambiguous clauses in our laws. All the clauses are clear preventing any chance of misinterpretation,” he said.

Chiefs and their deputies of one metropolis, sub-metropolis, municipalities and rural municipalities were present at the programme.