Seasonal patients up in Damauli Hospital

Damauli, September 11

In recent times, the number of people diagnosed with typhoid has increased at Damauli Hospital, Tanahun.

Hospital sources said that patients suffering from typhoid, viral fever, diarrhoea and pneumonia among other seasonal diseases had increased in the health facility.

Dr Anil Giri at the hospital said that there has been 50 per cent increase of patients influx. Health workers said that as many as 150 patients were admitted in OPD while 40 to 50 were admitted in the emergency section on a daily basis with more complaints of skin conditions than before. Meanwhile, health workers have advised consumption of boil water and hygienic food with constant washing of hands before eating meals, among others.

Patients from Byas Municipality, Jamune, Camin, Ghanshikuwa, Kahunshivapur, Keshabtar among other places  have also sought treatment at the hospital.