Seasonal patients up in Udayapur

Gaighat, July 14

With monsoon at its peak, Udayapur has witnessed an increase in the number of seasonal patients of late. Senior assistant health worker at the district hospital Bhola Chaudhary said around 200 patients visit the hospital every day. “Around 50 per cent of the cases reported are viral fever and typhoid cases. Due to the sudden increase in the number of patients, we are facing difficulty managing beds,” he said, adding, there is no option other than treating patients on the floor.

According to District Health Office Data Officer Duniyalal Yadav, the seasonal outbreak has mostly affected Gaighat and the surrounding areas.

“As the water is contaminated from the continuous rainfall, people consuming such water are falling sick, and they are mostly children,” he said. Meanwhile, seasonal diseases have also flooded private health facilities here. Gaighat-based Sweta Medical Hall’s Dr Khusilal Thakur said 20 to 30 patients visit the health facility every day. “Most of them are viral fever and typhoid cases from the rural areas.”