Second hunting season begins in Dhorpatan reserve

BAGLUNG: The second hunting season has begun in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in Dhaulagiri mountain range of western Nepal.

The Reserve has provided a permission to hunt 10 blue sheep (Pseudois nayaur) and three Himalayan thars aka jharals (Hemitragus jemlachicus)  for this season.

Foreign tourists are arriving here for hunting as this is the only reserve area where licenced hunting is allowed for foreigners.

Four private companies--Nepal Wild Life Safari, Himalayan Safari Pvt Ltd, Global Safari Pvt Ltd and Track and Trails Pvt Ltd--were given permission for hunting in this session. These agencies will call the interested tourists for hunting this season.

According to the Chief of the Reserve, Ananath Baral, the hunter will have to pay over Rs 1.3 million to hunt a Himalayan thar while a blue sheep will cost up to Rs 875,000.

The Reserve has been divided into several blocks, including Phagune, Barse, Dogadhi, Ghustung, Seng and Sundaha, for hunting.

The hunters can stay up to 21 days in the Reserve for hunting. People from the USA, Russia, Spain and France are coming to hunt wildlife in the Reserve.

The session will run until the end of April. The reserve collects a notable amount of revenue through the hunting.