Self-help is best

A successful story of a family demonstrates how hard and continuous labour will certainly bring bright and fruitful results in the long-term. Dallimaya Bote of Divyapuri Village Development Committee at Nawalparasi district now has a new lease of life, since the Woman Development Office (WDO) opened in the region.She used to only mourn over the tragic death of her son, who died because of the scarcity of money even to buy basic medicines. She says that during those days, she passed through the darkest nights of life.Bogati relayed those difficult times. “We had no piece of land, and had to go far away to earn our living. We had 4 children to raise and no alternative, but to earn money, such was our burden.” She added further, “After the death of my son, I asked my husband to take the position of watchman in the village, so that all the villagers would donate them 500kg of rice, and 500kg of maize and 50kg of mustard, in return for the service. That dream became a reality when the chairman of the ward committee agreed to give us the supplies.”The economic standard of the family suddenly started getting better and at the same time, a turn of events also improved their circumstances. Bogati received a loan of amount of 7 thousand rupees from WDO in order to breed buffalos. She made 13 thousand rupees profit from the enterprise with the cattle, from which she bought a 9-kattha ploughing field, to be paid in instalments.She finally paid off the whole amount and again received a loan from WDO. To further add to the success story, she started sending her children to school and she herself also received adult education given by WDO.Now, she has an 11-kattha field and also the income of her husband. She is very happy and hopeful for the good fortune that has come her way in the passage time. Her children are reading in classes 7, 5 and 3 and moreover, her family is regarded as a well-to-do family of the village now. All in all, the fate of Bogati demonstrates how a poor and hopeless family can make their life better with the support of society.