'Selfie With Daughter', a campaign primarily based on the goals of women empowerment and gender equality, was formally launched in Nepal.

Initiated by Sunil Jaglan from Haryana of India, the campaign has won the hearts of many people and has also earned support, encouragement and commendation from the government level.

A virtual event was jointly organised by the Selfie With Daughter Foundation and Internet Foundation of Nepal to announce the inauguration of the unique initiative in the country. On the occasion, Nepal Internet Foundation's President Bikram Shrestha expressed hope that the campaign would serve as a milestone in making society aware of the importance of daughters and ensuring their rights at a time when harmful practices against women such as chhaupadi, a practice requiring menstruating women/ girls' banishment from houses, continued in the country.

At the event, Arohi Poudel, Lipasa Shrestha, Prakriti Dangol, Isha Shrestha, Sudha Joshi, Merin Rai and Rambha Shrestha presented facts that women in Nepal were scourged by domestic abuse and its intensity, scale and figures had further increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as they were largely confined to their homes and were close to their abusers than in the past due to lockdowns and other restrictions.

Multiple forms of violence against women such as rape, acid attack, murder, menstrual taboos, among others, were the concerns of speakers.

Attending the programme, former minister for Science and Technology Ganesh Shah promised his full support to make the campaign a success.

As announced on the occasion, any Nepali citizen can simply take a selfie with daughters and post or upload it on social networking sites with the hashtag #selfiewithdaughter and submit it to 9801000044 on Selfie With Daughter in the portal and WhatsApp to compete for the 'Best Selfie Title'. The winner will bag Rs 21,000 along with certificate and a trophy while the first runner-up will bag Rs 11,000 and the second-runner up Rs 5,100.

Likewise, the most active volunteer will be honoured with the title of the 'Ambassador for Selfie With Daughter Campaign' for Nepal. The campaign first launched from Haryana of India is gaining popularity in many countries.

On the occasion, Jaglan said that the campaign had brought many positive changes in the perception towards girls and women. "The campaign has been an opportunity for rural girls and women to realise self-strength, take pride in their existence, and achieve gender identity and become empowered," he said.

A version of this article appears in the print on May 13, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.