Seven years after she went missing, girl hopes to meet parents

Biratnagar, April 19

It has been seven years since Taniya Subba got lost at a railway station in India.

The 14-year-old, who cannot remember her parents’ names, now lives in Biratnagar. “I do not know exactly where I got lost. I got off a train after my mother when she left to get water,” recalls Subba, adding that she searched for her mother all over the station, but couldn’t find her.  “I think I was the only child of my parents,” she said. “Sometimes I see my parents in my dream,” Subba said.

Taniya, who was found stranded in Kakarbhitta seven years ago, was rescued by Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre and was later taken to ABC Nepal, a human rights NGO.  Seven years have gone by since Subba started living at ABC and no one has come asking for her till date. Subba is a fifth grader at Shiva Bidhya Mandir, Biratnagar.

ABC Nepal’s chair Bishnu Sharma said that no one had come to his office looking for Subba. “We do not know if someone has filed an application at the police station,” Sharma said.

“We are Subba’s guardians as of now and if family members and relatives do not come, we shall raise her and take care of her till she gets married,” Sharma assured.