Shortage of teachers hits Morang schools

Biratnagar, November 7:

Lack of sufficient number of teachers is having a negative impact on overall quality of education in Morang district.

Statistics disclosed at a programme today revealed that there are 4,005 teachers in the district while the need is 5,039. Besides the lack of sufficient teachers, other factors like political reasons are also to be blamed for the diminishing quality of education, officials claimed.

Though there should be at least two teachers in the primary level when the number of students exceeds 50, the policy has not come into effect due to the lack of subject teachers in many schools. There are 2,160 primary level teachers for 128,000 students. Likewise, there are 627 teachers for 42,127 students in the lower secondary level. There are 26,936 students in the secondary level in the district.

Though the government has introduced a policy to provide one quota to female teachers in the primary level, 154 primary schools in the district are without female teachers.

Arjun Niraula, the district education officer, said education ministry should take immediate action to find a permanent solution to the problem.