Senior leader of CPN-Maoist Centre Narayankaji Shrestha has underscored the need for his party to bring about changes in people's lives and ensure the nation's prosperity.

Addressing the inaugural session of the party's 8th general convention here today, Shrestha said that Maoist Centre should be robust to troubleshoot the nation's problems. He stated that the Maoist Centre would appear in the political spectrum to address the issues of oppressed castes, gender, class and community while addressing the need for a revolutionary communist party in Nepal.

Shrestha, however, said serious review on the party's mistakes were also imperative.

As identified by Shrestha, the first responsibility of the party was to ensure internal national unity to prevent external intervention while safeguarding Nepal's sovereignty, independence, dignity and interest.

Similarly, he called for moving ahead by amending the constitution as demanded by the context while stating that federal democratic republic, socialism-oriented democracy and safeguarding the constitution should be implemented in practice.

The Maoist Centre leader also said that a base for socialism should be prepared by meeting the people's fundamental needs including education, health care and employment by linking these to democracy with socio-economic domains.

Likewise, Shrestha said that the remaining tasks of the peace process should be completed soon.

Also speaking at the same event, Maoist Centre's standing committee member Matrika Prasad Yadav said that the leftist forces in the country should be united to accomplish the revolution of socialism and the leadership should change its thoughts, mentality and practice.

Yadav was of the view that abandoning of 'Prachandapath' was a serious mistake of the party, adding that the move had left the people's democratic revolution in a mess.

A version of this article appears in the print on December 27, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.