Siraha-3 heats up

Siraha, November 15

A three-way fight is expected in the upcoming parliamentary and provincial polls in Constituency No 3 in Siraha.

Nepali Congress candidate Amar Regmi, Lila Nath Shrestha from the left alliance and Aseshwor Yadav from the Madhes alliance are said to be in for a tough fight for the parliamentary seat in the constituency.

As many as 13 candidates, including independents, had filed their candidacy in the constituency. Going by the results of the local level election, the left alliance is stronger than others. CPN-Maoist Centre had won the civic polls in Gol Bazaar Municipality and Arnama Rural Municipality.

Of the 41 wards in Gol Bazaar and Siraha municipalities, Naraha, Bishnupur, Arnama rural municipalities, CPN-MC had won 12 wards, NC 11 and UML and Federal Socialist Forum had won nine wards each.

Shrestha said he was confident of winning due to his work when he was vice-president of then District Development Committee. Yadav said voters would cast the ballot for his agendas. “We are still in protest mode and this election is also to be taken as a protest,” he added. Yadav said that the Madhesi people would surely cast ballots for his party’s agendas.