Sitaula asks parties to help hold polls

Kathmandu, August 16:

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Situala today urged all parties, especially the CPN (Maoist), to help accomplish Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s “one and only” mission of conducting the constituent assembly elections in a free and fair manner.

“We have less than 100 days to conduct the constituent assembly elections. So let’s forget our petty disputes and extend our support to him (PM),” Sitaula told the Parliament.

Sitaula said Koirala was “extremely serious” about holding the polls on November 22.

Sitaula also appealed to the MPs not to blame and pinpoint other parties to cover their own weakness, saying, “Pointing out others’ mistakes to hide one’s mistake is unfair.”

The government will not spare anyone who is trying to create trouble, Sitaula said.

Pointing to the ongoing clashes between the cadres of the Nepali Congress (NC)-affiliated Nepal Students’ Union and the CPN (Maoist)-affiliated All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary, he said, “The government cannot be a silent spectator when the situation goes out of hand. Police will be compelled to opt for baton-charge to take the situation under control,” he added. He said the government would not release the students, who were held in the course of the clashes, without initiating legal procedures.

Stating that the government was moving ahead on the basis of eight-party consensus, Sitaula urged all the parties to be “sensitive and responsible” for the creation of environment conducive to holding the constituent assembly elections.