SINDHUPALCHOWK: Six persons were injured when they were attacked by a wild boar in Sindhupalchowk's Ramche and Maneshwara VDCs today.

Sunita Thapa (15), Ramsharan Thapa (15) and Dharmadhoj Thapa (66) of Ramche VDC were hurt in the beast's attack, police said. Sunita was attacked while she was out cutting grass while the other two were working at their homes at 7:30 am in the morning when the boar assaulted them. Madhav Poudel (50), Pamphadevi Poudel and Janak Tamang (45) of Maneshwara VDC were also attacked by the beast. Seriously injured Dharmadhoj, Madhav and Janak have been rushed to Dhulikhel Hospital.