Slain UML candidate’s guard in police custody

Surkhet, May 23:

Surkhet district’s slain CPN-UML constituent assembly poll candidate Rishi Prasad Sharma’s bodyguard head constable Motilal BK has been sent into police custody for his alleged involvement in the murder of Sharma.

Today, the district court issued orders to place BK in police custody.

A single bench of acting chief district judge Sanat Lawat issued the order.

The court had taken BK’s statement on Wednesday, Thursday and today. Thereafter BK suddenly changed his stance.

In his earlier statement to the court, BK claimed that Sharma was never shot at.

However, while recording his statement before the court BK claimed Sharma died due to a shot fired by him. Later, BK claimed some unknown persons snatched his service pistol and shot Sharma.

In his statement, BK told the court, “While the hubbub was going on some unknown persons took me under control, snatched my pistol and fired at Sharma.”

BK also told the court that he had stayed guarded in his statement due to the terror of the unknown gang.

In his later statement to the court, BK also said that the gang that took him under control before killing Sharma had threatened him that it would eliminate his entire family if he tried to do anything to save Sharma.

Experts at the national police forensic laboratory confirmed that the two bullets lodged in Sharma’s stomach were fired from BK’s seven-shot clip pistol.

Deceased Sharma’s brother Tikaram Sharma has already filed a case against former minister Purna Bahadur Khadka and 13 others accusing them of having engineered the murder.

Police, however, have zeroed in on BK only.

The government has also formed a panel to probe into Sharma’s murder.