Snowfall hits academic activities in Bajura

Bajura, January 8

Teaching-learning activities have been badly affected due to continuous snowfall since last Thursday in Bajura.

Regular classes in the schools of all nine local levels of the district have been hampered due to excessive cold followed by non-stop snowfall.

District Education Coordination Unit Chief Gopaldatta Joshi said excessive cold had affected teaching-learning activities in 274 schools in the district. Schools in Himali, Gaumul, Swamikartik and Jagannath rural municipalities and Budhinanda Municipality were shut down due to the bone-biting cold.

Chairman of Gaumul Rural Municipality Hari Bahadur Rokaya said teaching-learning activities in all the schools of the rural municipality had been badly affected due to the extreme cold. “All the roads in the area have been covered by a thick layer of snow,” he said. Rokaya said schools were closed as students could not reach schools from their houses. He said that life had been affected badly due to snowfall and the freezing cold.

Education Department Chief Rangamal BK in Badimalika Municipality said teaching-learning activities had been affected in Martadi also. “Students did not attend classes as schools lacked physical infrastructure such as classrooms,” he added.

As many as 223 Child Development Centres in Bajura were also closed. According to District Education and Coordination Unit, Bajura, the centres were closed due to excessive cold and snowfall.