Soaring mercury hits life hard in Tarai

Dhangadi, June 5

Excessive heat has badly affected the normal life in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts.

According to Hydrology and Meteorology Office Attariya, Kailali, the district has recorded maximum temperature of 41 degree in the last few days.

Kailali recorded maximum temperature of 41 degree Celsius and minimum of 28 degree Celsius today morning while the maximum and minimum temperature was recorded at 41.4 degree and 23.8 degree Celsius yesterday.

Chief Rammani Mishra of Hydrology Office Attariya said that general humidity was 38 per cent yesterday.

The soaring mercury has caused inconvenience to the people.  They cannot walk outside their homes.

Due to the soaring heat people of this region have stopped coming out of their houses during day time.

The rising temperature has robbed rickshaw pullers of their means of livelihood.

Traders say that business activities had seen a nosedive due to the extreme heat.

Head teacher Minraj Dhungana at Malika Secondary School said that students’ number had gone down at the school due to the high temperature.

With the onset of summer, the number of patients visiting health posts has gone up. Besides,

The rising temperature has also caused increase in the water level in the Karnali River.