Social work twice a week mandatory in Gaumul RM

Bajura, November 29

Gaumul Rural Municipality, Bajura, has introduced a provision making it mandatory for residents of the rural municipality to take part in social work at least twice in a month.

A meeting of the rural municipality took a decision to this effect. As per the decision, a person from every household should engage in any social work at least twice a month.

Rural municipality chair Hari Bahadur Rokaya said the tole committee in all six wards was formed to implement the decision.

Gaumul Rural Municipality has 588 households. “We have decided to involve at least one person from each household in cleaning roads, schools and other public places,” said Rokaya.

He added that any household that did not send a family member for social work would be fined Rs 500. The rural municipality said the fine so collected would be spent on social programmes.

The rural municipality has also started distribution of alcohol cards. Rokaya said no one would be allowed to buy alcohol without producing the card,” he said. Rokaya said the card system was made mandatory to control alcohol consumption.