Solukhumbu village at risk of landslide

SOLUKHUMBU: A continuous landslide at Populung of Cheskam-7 of Solukhumbu district has put an entire village at a high risk of being buried.

The mudslide from a cliff above the village has so far displaced 14 families since July 15 .

The people in area terrorised due to likelihood of a big mass of rock falling down in the mudslide. The huge rock above the village has left its position, forcing the people to move to safer places, according to a local, Badar Kumar Rai.

Around 70 people of 14 families have been taking shelter in their relatives' homes at a neighbouring village Okham.

The District Natural Disaster Committee in Solukhmubu has said that it has already supplied two tents per household for the families displaced by the landslide.